A MUST READ FOR NEW MOMS…You too can avoid PPD!

Reviewer: Tracy Abbott (Los Angeles, CA USA)

Dr. Raffelock asked me if he could post up my original review of his book. censored it because they wouldn’t allow me to say how much benefit I have gotten from AfterBaby Boost because it was a book review only. Here it is:

I consider myself one of the luckiest moms on earth that I got turned onto a healthy nutrient track when I was pregnant and for my post partum recovery. And I’m not talking about the blah, blah, blah healthy stuff.. The stuff we all right, exercise, etc…that stuff has been written about for years..from banal REader’s Digest to Oprah Late At Night. What I’m talking about is the alternative, cutting edge stuff. Like replacing some of the lost omega-3 oils DHA and EPA which I leared awhile ago is downright stolen by the baby from the mom during pregnancy. And I made it my business to supplement my pregnancy and post pregnancy with the right nutrients so that I could avoid Post Partum depression with my new baby. I should say, avoid PPD without Prozac. Well, now new moms are lucky because everything I learned from various sources and vaious experts are now in ONE book. This is a one stop shop for any new mom who wants to take care of her body while taking care of her new baby. Doctors Raffelock and Roundtree have really answered any question I had and any new mom who might ask “what’s happening to me?” Or things like, “Why is my skin so dry?” “Why am I forgetful?” And more importantly… “How can I fix it?”
This information is invaluable. … But, if you take the postnatal vitamin program AfterBaby Boost your vitamin/mineral/ and omega 3 oil needs will be met. Personally, I think Prozac or as I call it, “Vitamin P” is being handed out way too easily and new moms have so much going on with their bodies that I would rather see nutrition be supplemented before jumping on Vitamin P.
This book must be read by all new moms!



  1. 1 pregnancyrecovery November 21, 2006 at 7:41 pm

    Avoiding PostPartum Problems – a Novel Idea,
    Reviewer: Bob Sager, MD (Liberal, KS USA) –
    This is a must read book for every pregnant mother, every new mother, every mother who developed chronic symptoms after a pregnancy, every spouse of one of these women, and anyone providing healthcare to pregnant or postpartum women. I have not seen any other book that deals so well with the many nutrient depletions and hormonal imbalances that pregnancy may cause in the mother and how to prevent or reverse them. Following the guidelines here for dietary changes, essential fatty acids, vitamin and mineral supplements, hormone balancing, amino acids and exercise could certainly prevent many of the very common problems in the postpartum period, such as depression, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, and decreased libido. If these symptoms are not treated early, they often become chronic longstanding problems that many of my medical colleagues have then treated with all sorts of medications, especially Prozac. There is an excellent chapter on breastfeeding problems and remedies along with a discussion of what herbs are safe or unsafe during nursing. The many case stories remind me of real-life patients I have treated. I am keenly interested in neurotransmitter and hormone problems and after reading this book I have a greater understanding of the cause of these problems in mothers and will more effectively treat them.

  2. 2 pregnancyrecovery November 21, 2006 at 7:44 pm

    A Godsend for Expecting Mothers and Their Doctors!
    Reviewer: Dr. David M. Brady (the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine (CT))
    Drs. Dean Raffelock and Robert Rountree have truly produced a book that should be read by not only every expecting mother, but also by their doctors! If this were the case I firmly feel that the current horrific national epidemic of severe postpartum depression and infanticide that is all too commonly detailed on the evening news would be nothing more than a sad footnote in history. The current attempted solution, which is to simply give young mothers anti-depressant drugs, is clearly not working. Drs. Raffelock and Rountree construct this book in a clear and concise format so that the person with no medical or nutrition knowledge, or the highly trained physician, can equally benifit. The most current understanding of alterations in the nutritional, hormonal, and neurotransmitter status of new mothers is easily explained. Novel methods of diagnosing and treating these problems in the most non-invasive and supportive ways possible are clearly detailed in order for the woman to acheive a lasting and true recovery from the physiological stressors of pregnancy. It is obvious from reading this book that these two enlightened doctors are not only on the cutting-edge of knowledge in the fields of functional medicine and clinical nutrition, but they are also gifted clinicians who have compassion for their patients and have a passion for this grave public health issue. It is often said that medicine is not only a science, but an art. These doctors have produced a masterpiece. If it could only be read by every obstetrician in the country and if only there were more doctors who thought like them. Bravo!

  3. 3 pregnancyrecovery November 21, 2006 at 7:46 pm

    Exhausted..depressed? Read this book for cause and resolution,
    Reviewer: Debra Williamson (Loveland, CO. USA)
    This book is a must read for all mothers no matter when you had your last child! My son is now 25 years old and I suffered for most of two and one half decades from many of the symptoms described in this book related to postpartum nutrient depletions. Like so many mothers, my symptoms started shortly after I gave birth to my son but none of my doctors knew to check me for deficiencies in the nutrients that my body donated to form the body of my baby.

    As I have worked through this book making changes at my own pace, the rewards have been recognizable and very profound. My skin and hair, once dry are more supple and healthy. My digestive system is vastly improved. My mind clear without anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs, and my hormone balance is greatly improved eliminating mood swings and fatigue.
    This book tells wonderful stories of real patients that had symptoms they turned around by working to give their body what it needed instead of dumping more chemicals in causing their detoxification systems to work overtime to deal with those chemical/medicines. Even though the stories are about women and are around pregnancy much of each story relates to anyone trying to give their bodies what they need in this stress filled environment with soil depletion, over processed foods, and environmental toxins.

    This book has a comprehensive list of all vitamins, minerals, hormones, and nutrients and what they do for your body and what happens when they are out of balance. It also explains what to look for if you want a qualified doctor, someone certified in functional medicine. It also explains what lab work is available and how to read the lab work. If you are healthy and just want to give yourself the best chance to stay that way good recommendations are given on the best foods to eat and the most beneficial amounts and types of supplements needed to support this state of health.

    If you don’t know how to start there is a very easy to follow and clear plan on how to shop, prepare ahead and actually make healthy nutritious meals. There are even recipes included and suggestions on how to be creative. Spices and herbs are included not just for the taste quality but also for their actual health benefits.

    I now know how important it is for all women to replenish their nutrient reserves after they give birth even if it is decades later! The information in this book inspires you to really take care of yourself!

  4. 4 pregnancyrecovery November 21, 2006 at 7:48 pm

    Invaluable resource for pregnancy recovery
    Reviewer: Cathe Olson “simply natural mom and cookbook author”

    I was so happy to find this book when I was pregnant. While there are many books about eating right during pregnancy, there is almost nothing about postpartum diets even though nutrition is just as important for a mother’s recovery and a nursing baby’s well-being.

    The authors of this book do an excellent job explaining how most postpartum problems actually result from nutrient depletion and hormonal imbalances. More importantly, they tell you how to bring your body back into balance through diet and nutrition, herbs, supplements, and exercise.

    The authors explain how to read lab tests so you can take charge of your own postpartum recovery and don’t have to rely on what your doctor may or may not tell you. Another feature I especially appreciated was that the authors realize that postpartum mothers don’t have a lot of time and energy to institute major lifestyle changes and they offer tips and suggestions on food preparation and menu planning. There are also sections on breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, emotional stress.

    I found this book invaluable during and after my pregnancies and I referred to it often when writing my book “The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook.” I recommend this book for all new mothers and mothers-to-be.

  5. 5 pregnancyrecovery November 21, 2006 at 7:52 pm

    Amazing health information for everyone
    Reviewer: Charlotte Tryon (Golden, CO USA)
    This book gives so much information about biochemical processes in the human body, that most people will benefit from it. I have never had a baby, yet it was incredibly helpful to me. I’ve bought this book as a gift for many friends and I highly recommend it.

  6. 6 pregnancyrecovery November 21, 2006 at 7:54 pm

    A great way to feel healthy again
    Reviewer: Jessica Stewart “jezzystewart” (Boulder, CO USA) –

    This book is the first one that I have personally read that actually addresses physical needs and deprivations after pregnancy. I have been reading this book since my fourth month of pregnancy and I continually find myself using it as a resource for feeling like I did before my pregnancy. I am recovering so fast. I actually gained 60 healthy lbs. during my pregnancy and after only three months I have shed 50 of it. To be honest with you, I haven’t had time to work out, but if you read in this book, now isn’t the time to stress our bodies that way; we are equiped to recover naturally and Dr. Raffelock is an expert on just that. I recommend this book to any woman in post-partum recovery. However, I felt that it was even more beneficial to have this book as a resource durng my pregnancy, because it set the right tone for the events to follow

  7. 7 pregnancyrecovery November 22, 2006 at 4:01 am

    Review: A Natural Guide to Preganancy and Post- Partum Health
    Reviewer: David S. Jones, MD, FAAFP
    President, Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

    After over 20 years of awakening many early mornings, closer to newborn infants and their exhausted mothers than the bedroom within which I started the evening, I learned one axiomatic fact. Mothers with new babies need REST and RECOVERY—a pinch of prevention is truly worth a footlocker full of treatments. Dr. Dean Raffelock’s starts his book at this critical juncture: “New mothers need rest in order to become rejuvenated.”

    However, when “rest, rest and rest some more” doesn’t bring relief from the early symptoms of fatigue and the mother with a newborn starts to slip into the chronic symptoms of Postpartum Depression (PPD), it takes a carefully provisioned footlocker full of support for her to recover from 9-long months of creating, birthing and then nourishing her new baby. Once a mother enters the throes of PPD, only thoughtful understanding of the complex interplay of metabolism, nutritional and hormonal depletion, and then diligent, focused therapy suffices to find the road back to recovery.

    Dr. Dean Raffelock’s A Natural Guide to Preganancy and Post-Partum Health manages a robust review of the complexities of PPD with a clinician’s eye for the practical steps needed for recovery. Many mothers with infants, or newborns on the way, will find answers in this useful book, both to prevent the slide into PPD and when necessary–prevention is always preferable–locate the landmarks for the journey home to post-partum health.

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