MORE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from Moms

Q: How soon after giving birth can I start taking AfterBaby Boost?
A: If you have had a normal vaginal birth with no complications, you may start taking AfterBaby Boost #1, #2 and #3 immediately after giving birth. If you have had a cesarean section or other complications, you can take AfterBaby Boost #1 & #3 immediately and wait 5 days to start AfterBaby Boost #2.

Q: Is the product vegetarian?
A: AfterBaby Boost contains all vegetarian ingredients in the #1 multivitamin and #3 nighttime minerals formulas. The capsules are gelatin. The Omega 3 gel cap has a small amount of animal protein ( gelatin) and contains fish oils. In our experience, based upon years of testing fatty acids on blood tests, vegetarian sources (algae) of the Omega 3 oils DHA and EPA are inadequate to meet the pre and postnatal nutritional needs for these oils. Vegetarian sources for alpha linolenic acid (flax, walnut, soybean, hemp, and pumkin seed oil) do not easily convert into DHA and EPA.

Q: I’ve heard that fish oils can contain mercury? How do I know that your product does not contain mercury?
A: The AfterBaby Boost fish oils are tested and, if necessary treated, before they are encapsulated to assure purity. We have been provided certification by our source supplier that our Omega 3 oils contain no heavy metals or PCB’s. Our fish oils also contain 4 antioxidants ( Rosemary oil, acorbyl Vit. C, Vit. E, and lemon oil) to prevent rancidity. Most fish oils on the market go rancid pretty quickly because they do not contain enough of the right kind and amounts of antioxidants to prevent these essential oils from going rancid.

Q: Can essential fatty acids, like fish oils, make you fat?
A: Each Fish oil capsule contains only 10 calories. The daily dosage of two capsules contains 20 calories which is a small fraction of one’s daily caloric intake. These oils are essential to human health and should not contribute to weight gain at the recommended dose. In fact, these oils often help the body burn fat more efficiently.

Q: Is AfterBaby Boost safe for nursing mothers?
A: AfterBaby Boost went through a year of clinical trials and was shown to be safe for nursing mothers and their babies.

Q: How do I know that the vitamins in AfterBaby Boost won’t get into breast milk and harm my baby in some way?
A: Some of the vitamins do get into breast milk; fat soluble vitamins – like A, D, E and K, and water soluble vitamins, which are somewhat diffused when they get into breast milk and are less likely to concentrate there. These vitamins benefit your baby. There is nothing in AfterBaby Boost that is harmful to the nursing baby as shown by clinical trials.

Q: What vitamins do new mothers seem to be the most deficient in?
A: New mothers tend to be the most deficient in the omega 3 oil DHA, the oil that is crucial for brain, nerve, eye, skin, and cell membrane development and health. Nursing mothers give up even more DHA and this is why the replenishment from fish oils, which contain DHA is so important. New mothers are often deficient in all the nutrients contained in the After Baby Boost nutritional program. This is based upon years of nutritional blood testing and why we developed the first and only clinically tested postnatal nutritional replenishment program for women.

Q: How long should I take AfterBaby Boost?
A: We recommend taking the product for 24 months, although many women like the way the product makes them feel so much, that they continue taking it as a vitamin regime after the 24 month period. AfterBaby Boost products provide the essential vitamins and minerals women need, after birth and thereafter, to stay healthy.

Q: My doctor told me to stay on my prenatal for awhile after I had the baby. Can I take the prenatal and AfterBaby Boost together?
AThis is not necessary. After Baby Boost will be far superior nutritionally.  The nutritional needs of a postpartum woman are even greater than pregnant woman. AfterBaby Boost formulas were formulated for after the baby comes. We recommend that you take just the AfterBaby Boost formula for 24 months postpartum.

Q: Can I take AfterBaby Boost as a prenatal vitamin?
A: Yes, just reduce the dosage of the ABB #1 from 4 capsules/day to 3 capsules/day. The dosages for AfterBaby Boost #2 and AfterBaby Boost #3 stay the same. Our new complete prenatal program, Before Baby Boost, (also three bottles in a set) should become available in April 2007. We have added some natural ingredients to help prevent the nausea of “morning sickness” .

Q: If I get pregnant while I’m taking AfterBaby Boost, could it hurt me or the fetus?
A: No, if you get pregnant while taking AfterBaby Boost just reduce AfterBaby Boost #1 from 4 to 3 capsules/per day. All other dosages stay the same. You can begin taking our complete prenatal nutritional program, Before Baby Boost, when it becomes available in April 2007.

Q: Will this product help me if I am depressed?
A: Some depression may be caused by nutrition depletion ( especially Omega 3 oils, magnesium, B-vitamins), some is caused by neurotransmitter imbalance, and some depression is caused by hormonal imbalance. These are all gone over thoroughly in A NATURAL GUIDE TO PREGNANCY AND POSTPARTUM HEALTH. If you have serious symptoms of depression, like wanting to hurt yourself or your baby, please see your physician as soon as possible and follow the advice given to you. Even if you do need to take an antidepressant medication, we strongly recommend that you still replenish your nutrient reserves for 24 months by taking After Baby Boost along with your antidepressant drugs. Antidepressant medication contain no nutrients and it is fine to take the much needed nutrients in After Baby Boost and these medications together. We have heard from women with depression that increasing their dosage of the Omega 3 oils from 2/day to 6/day has been very helpful. In serious cases of depression. please consult your doctor immediately.

Q: How do I know that your product is safe?
A: AfterBaby Boost was put through clinical trials through an independent third party. The product was given to both nursing and non-nursing mothers. When taken according to directions, AfterBaby Boost proved to be not only safe, but effective in helping mom regain energy and vitality after birth.

Q: Is there something I could read about nutrition and postpartum?
A: We recommend Dr.’s Raffelock and Rountree’s book “A Natural Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Health,” from Avery Publishing.


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